There’s a lot that goes into quality furniture. And I thought a good jumping off point for this blog would be to break it all down for you- Village House’s first “knowledge drop” if you will!

The Frame

Frame construction matters. While solid wood is always preferable for any lifetime piece of furniture, a lot of times that can be cost prohibitive. If solid wood isn’t an option then consumers should look to Grade “A” furniture grade plywood. Experts tell consumers not to buy furniture made out of MDF because this type of wood typically weakens faster over time. One important thing to look for when you “sit test” a couch (because no one should be buying a couch without trying it out first) is to make sure you hear no squeaks. Squeaks most likely mean that there is an issue with the construction of the frame itself.


The gold standard for long lasting, quality furniture that also provides the most comfort is the 8-way hand tied system. This is the most time consuming way to fasten the springs of a sofa and must be done by hand. To make 8-way hand tied construction, manufacturers fasten the springs from eight different angles: side to side, front to back, and diagonally which is then fastened to the frame. This creates the suspension for the piece which is essentially a web that keeps the springs from shifting, therefore creating a solid foundation for years of support and comfort.


Like mattresses and pillows, preferred cushion-types are completely up to each individual’s comfort. Some people love the idea of falling or sinking into a sofa (down cushions typically give this effect), others prefer a more firm seat. Although construction can vary, the standard construction of cushions is individually pocketed springs wrapped in some sort of foam. After that it can be encompassed in more foam or surrounded by down.

An example of the construction of a well made cushion


The people who work at the factories in which we source our upholstered goods take great pride in their work.

All of our custom upholstery companies are made in the USA. What that means is that time care and consideration is given to every piece. Our upholstery companies are all based in North Carolina which is essentially the cradle for furniture manufacturing. Oftentimes the craftsmen who are fabricating the pieces for us have been doing this not just for years, but also for generations. There is a great amount of pride in that- and rightfully so. Attention is paid to each stitch, welt, and pleat. And it shows in the finished product.